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Zeure etxean zaude

LILI Experience


Lili is a special shop, one where beauty is given shape. At Lili, beauty is not only embodied in footwear, fashion and accessories. We also offer a technical architect service to give shape to those corners of your home you most value. Because when you feel good with yourself, your home and your surroundings, life feels wonderful,

don’t you think?


Lili offers much more than a range of products and services. It’s a whole new shopping experience,

one that will seduce you.


Our door is open for you to visit Lili in Zestoa. Far from the hustle and bustle, in the heart of the town, in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, put the hectic rhythm of your daily life to one side for a while and take time out for yourself to enjoy that sublime sense of feeling very much at home.


Because even though beauty can be found in tangible things, greater beauty is to be found in the intangible, in those things we sense and feel. In relations, in a sense of peace and feeling welcome, in nearness, in a sense of community. And Lili, the Lili experience, is all of this and more.

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