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Zeure etxean zaude

Hi there!


Many thanks for your interest in the ‘special’ world of Lili.


Why special? Because Lili is something very personal, a kind of window into how I view life. My values, my skills and the contribution I’d like to make to society... they’re all expressed in Lili.


I’ve always believed that it’s the little things in life that make it special. Those little touches, both in the material sense and in our relations with others. Wouldn’t it be great to make life special by actually giving shape and form to those little things?


Well, that vision is what essentially has inspired me to create Lili, a place where beauty is shaped by and on those little things, those little touches. Beauty embodied in footwear, in clothes, in an all-round experience... but above all, in our relation with you.


Take a look around the website if you’d like to know more about the products and services we offer in Lili. Please... make yourself at home!


Itziar Ezenarro


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